Court Decisions

  1. Poor Result of Teachers, Drop Out of Students, Closure of school due to negligence of Head Teacher. Major Penalty of compulsory retirement set aside by Tribunal

  2. 50% Promotion Quota From PST to EST Judgment by Punjab Service Tribunal Lahore

  3. Contract Employees entitled to count their length of service for the purpose of promotion

  4. decisions-of-court-regarding-17-a

  5. Decision of High court Lahore and Secretary Education in favour of age relaxation for ex.armed employees

  6. Decision of Service Terbunal in connection with Appeal No.3538/2014

  7. Decision of Secretary School Education Punjab against the presentation of Ghulam Murtaza Bhatti in connection with writ petition No.20909/2015

  8. Decision of High Court Lahore Multan Bench for suspension of impugned orders under reallocation policy

  9. Reviewal writ petition of PEA Punjab for pay protection

  10. Decision of high court Lahore in connection with 45% house rent to all big cities

  11. Decision of Worthy High Court Multan Bench in connection with regular appointment under 17-A Rule

  12. Decision of Secretary Education in favour of Writ petition 7477/2012 for consideration of Promotion cases of teachers (General cadre) in EX.MCL Schools for SS

  13. Decision of worthy High Court refarding GAT test

  14. Decision of Secretary Education against IT Teachers’s Demand of BS-17

  15. Decision of worthy High Court in favour of Reallocation policy 2013

  16. Court Decision about 17-A rules

  17. Orders of Worthy High Court against the transfers of DTEs in Punjab

  18. Up-Gradation of Deputy Accountants from BPS-14 to BPS-16-Decision of the Punjab Service Tribunal

  19. Decision of worthy supreme court on miserable conditions of school in pakistan

  20. Decision of worthy High Court Multan Bench against stoppage of increment on low results

  21. Decision of worthy high court for upgradation of clerical post dated 18-05-2012

  22. Decision of ombudsman for upgradation of clerical posts

  23. Decision of worthy high court lahore regarding rule 17-A,qouta for children of died civil servant punjab

  24. Decision of Worthy High Court in writ petition # 16459-13 about re-allocation from khushab

  25. writ petition against reallocation from khushab

  26. Decision of chier secretary punjab against the pay protection,service protection and scale upgradation in writ petition 26022 by PEA punjab through Advocate hafiz tariq nasim

  27. Application to the chairman services tribunal for seniority of contract educators from 2000 to 2009

  28. Decision Of High Court For Rationalization 2010

  29. Orders of Supreme Court in writ petition 1536/2009 dated 21-10-2009 for regularization of educators

  30. orders of Cheif Secretary Punjab against pay protection writ petition 6560 and 26930

  31. Writ petition 26930 by AK Dogar

  32. Writ petition 4617 by Muhammad Bashir

  33. Writ petition 618 by Malik Saleem Iqbal

  34. Writ Petition 26022 by Hafiz Tariq Nasim

  35. Supreme court order dated 5th october 2009

  36. Presentation to Chief Secretary for Writ petition 26930 and 6560

  37. PEA negotiation with CM Punjab

  38. Presentation to Secretary Education for Writ petition 26022

  39. Finance department letter for recovery dated 31 june 2011

  40. Age Relaxation letter by S GAD in contract policy 2004

  41. recruitment against in-service quota dated 06 may 2011

  42. fee concession for sons-daughters of employees from bs-1 to bs-16 – 2011

  43. stay order for writ petition 6560 dated 29 april 2010

  44. AG Punjab letter dated 22 august 2011

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  1. sir i m very anxious to know whether in SESE and ESE educators in punjab can b sued for not given the preference to the male candidates in their respective male seats rather than female candidates in male domain?

  2. asslamualaikum , Dear sir, i am from kpk, shangla district, got M.phil degree in agriculture (agronomy), i need the lahore high court decision about, that the agriculture students are eligible to nts for biology and chemistry posts in education department. bps-16.
    any cooperation in this regard will be highly appreciated.

  3. please need to go court for justice. upward mobility package for sst. we do not demand extra.please give us already given as est and pst wef 01.12.2009 including retired/promoted/died after 1.12.09 each year.because same package was given to all 3 catagories ie pst,est,sst.but1st 2 were upgraded and their package was revised.hence some clarifications were made then which were not clear in orignal notification of word sst was not mentioned because sst was upgraded.but other all amendments are supposed for all 3 catagories in common sense.but cruelty against is dubbled when others were upgraded and sst was ignored .simple clarifications which were equally for all but sst is still weeping and waiting.plz resolve it for God

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