3 comments on “Notification of premature increment on appointment from lower to higher scale dated 23may2001

  1. notification posted above regarding premature increment on appointment is fedral govt. punjab govt is not allowing.

  2. aoa.with me there are 2 major prblems1– on 30/11/1999 bps 9 fixed 3060,on 1-12-1999 bps 10 fixed 3165=on 1/12/2000 bps 10 32+=(last stage of bps 10)on 1/12/2001,no fixed in bps 11,no annual increment was given.back in bps =9&fixed on 3351-than newly scale 9 5020.am i illigible for moveover?(2)i was promoted from pst to svt on 27-5-2003.no premature was given.am i illigible?

    • Sir All EST teacher of BS 14,15 are getting pre mature increment on their promotion as SST in BS16 through in service 50% quota but PST teacher BS 9,12,are not allowed to get Pre mature increment on promotion as EST BS 14 against same promotion policy of Punjab govt Why Plz take interest for PSts

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