Model Papers


  • 10TH CLASS

  1. Biology 10th

  2. Chemistry 10th

  3. Computer Science 10th

  4. English Compulsory 10th

  5. General Mathematics (Compulsory)

  6. General Science

  7. Islamiyat Compulsory 10th

  8. Math Science 10th

  9. Pakistan Studies Compulsory 10th

  10. Physics 10th

  11. Urdu Compulsory 10th


  1. Biology

  2. Chemistry

  3. Computer Science

  4. English(Compulsory)-1I

  5. Mathematics

  6. Pak Studies (Compulsory)

  7. Physics

  8. Urdu (Compulsory)


2 comments on “Model Papers

  1. Economics 9th/10th papers required

  2. please upload 8th class version wise past papers 2016

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