Educational Forms

  1. Change Performa for single entry

  2. NOC for applying Passport

  3. Inter-District Transfer Performa for SSTs

  4. Inter-District Transfer Performa for PSTs and ESTs

  5. Medical doket.


  7. Challan form 32-A for educators jobs

  8. Form for Educators Recruitment 2014

  9. Form for Benevolent Fund Scholarship 1

  10. Form for Benevolent fund scholarship 2


  12. basic Pay Scale Wise GPF Deduction

  13. Challan form 32-A General

  14. LPR

  15. LPR_fill

  16. Pay Bill Gzetted

  17. TA Bill Gazetted

  18. Change performa multiple

  19. Leave form

  20. Equivalence form punjab unjversity

  21. varification Form AIOU

  22. Reapear form AIOU

  23. NOC form AIOU

  24. Rechecking form AIOU

  25. Degree Form AIOU

  26. Paper Rechecking Form UOS

  27. Paper Rechecking form PU

  28. Degree verification form PU

  29. Practical Examiner performa BISE SGD

  30. Invigilator Performa BISE SGD

  31. Supretendent performa BISE SGD

  32. Through proper permission SSE

  33. Through proper permission SESE

  34. Through proper permission ESE

  35. Permission for Exam as Private

  36. Joining Report Form for Gazetted teachers

  37. Joining report of Non.gazetted teachers

  38. L.P.C. form

  39. Registeration form private school 5th

  40. Registeration form private school 8th

  41. Registeration form private student 5th

  42. Registeration form private student 8th

  43. Application for casual leave for staff

  44. Hiring Form General for all employee

  45. Synopsis and other certificates for promotion

  46. Challan form for recovery in NBP under head 32

  47. Income Tax Calculator

  48. Application for leave earned or any other long leave



  51. Benevolent fund scholarship form 1

  52. Benevolent fund scholarship form 2

  53. Master Level scholarship Form 2012 PEEF

  54. Special qouta Form_Inter_Graguation_2012 PEEF

  55. Ammendment form in membershipform for PGSHF

  56. Certificate for deduction for Punjab Govt.Servants Housing foundation

  57. Refund form for PGSHF

  58. Termination form for Punjab Govt.Servants Housing foundation

  59. Form for Detail of GPF deductions

  60. Application form for family pension

  61. Application form for family pension and graduaity

  62. Application form for regular pension and graduaity

  63. GPF Form

  64. form for temperaory GPF loan or advance

  65. form for permanent GPF loan

  66. Application form for family pension and graduaity

  67. Application form for family pension

  68. Application form for regular pension and graduaity

  69. Fee statement form for FTF for bank

  70. Form for calculation of qualifying service for government servant for retirement

  71. Form for family members of pensioner

  72. Form for leave account under the revised leave rules 1981

  73. Income tax statement form for teachers

  74. Optional form for direct credit of pension through bank account

  75. TA-DA Bill for Gazetted Officer

  76. TA Bill for Gazetted Officer General For all Servants

  77. No Accomodation Certificate and Specimen Signs for SSE

  78. Application for page and volume for SSE

  79. NBP Advance Salary Form Page 1

  80. NBP Advance Salary Form Page 2

  81. Punjab-School-Teachers-Self-Assessment-Proforma-for-Transfer

  82. Transfer Performa for teacher 2013 onward

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15 comments on “Educational Forms

  1. dear sir
    study leave for phd application procedure require. how to avail by short cut way? application proforma. and other necessary document forms

  2. I Have Pay Bill for Non Gazetted Form in pdf

  3. I wanted to download Ex-Pakistan Leave forms, but, I am very disturb to find that there is no such form.

  4. i need NOC for M.phill addmission

  5. Dears Jobs available for apprentice 2016. ???

  6. I need form for NOC for admission in B.Ed

  7. slam, i am doing job in murree and face medical issue since 3 years which becom severe in winter and cold. now dr. advised me 3 month rest … can i apply for transfer on this basis or 3 month leave without pay ?

  8. no form available here ????

  9. if NOC form required for passport application..from where I can get??

  10. You are doing very good work. you have to post such material that really helpful for educators. You have to post some material that also helpful in teaching.
    visit :

  11. plz service card ki application up load kr den and process bhi!thanks

  12. Sir
    yhan Non-Gazetted officer k pay bill upload ni hn please upload kr den olease

  13. sir mjy Bm 10 /sne (estimated budget performa urgent chahiye. kiea ml skta hy.

  14. if anyone have NOC performa for Higher studies plzz upload.i need that urgently

  15. i need performa for higher education permission from deparmetn

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