1. Punjab Revision_conveyance_Allownce_BS-1-BS-15

  2. Moving one step up for punjab employess_BS-1-BS-4

  3. Minimum_Pension for punjab

  4. Grant_Adhoc_Relief_Allownce_10_Basic_PAy-BS-1-15

  5. Grant_Increase_Pension_Civil_Pensioners_Punjab

  6. Admissibility_Premature_Increment_ Employees_BS-1-BS-4



  9. Policy for providing promotion chances to employees in BS-1 to BS-4 by up-grading their pay scales after certain length of service in punjab

  10. Amendments in Reallocation Policy 2013 dated 28-04-2014

  11. Clarification Regarding Pay Protection of Contract Employees on Regularization-Notification by Finance Division

  12. Revision of basic pay scales allowances and pension of civil servants of federal gorvernment

  13. Rules and Notifications about 17-A

  14. Notiification for annual holidays 2014 in schools education department punjab

  15. Guidelines for the conduction of PEC Exams 2014

  16. Notification for special permission to those NTS Qualified Educators who couldn’t submit form on 20-01-2014

  17. Notification of revised allowances of DTEs,TEs in DSD Lahore dated 17-01-2014

  18. Advice regarding pay packages of contract employees of education department for 1998 onward

  19. Notification for empowerment of Director DSD Lahore dated 10-01-2014

  20. Relief packages for the family of civil servants who die during or after service Punjab

  21. Notification of PEC for inclusion of only 5 subjects in exams

  22. Notification of Advance Increments & M.Phil Allowance to Graduate English Teachers

  23. Notification for identification of DTEs Posts

  24. Amendment-in-Punjab-Secretariat-Ministerial-Posts

  25. Notification for Change in offer of appointment of teacher educator appointed on contract in DSD

  26. Ammendments in rules regarding PERs of teachers and Heads of Schools in SED Punjab

  27. 4-tier structure ,PH.D and M.Phill allowance for school teachers in line with college teachers

  28. Study leave notification dated december 2009

  29. Notification of school timming dated 20 may 2008

  30. Notification of premature increment on appointment from lower to higher scale dated 23may2001

  31. Ammendments in study rules dated 21 oct 2013

  32. Clarification of finance division regarding premature increment on upgradation 2013

  33. Clarification of finance division regarding grant of medical allowance 2013

  34. Grant of special increment to the clerks of account offices under finance department punjab

  35. Diciplinary proceeding agianst civil servant on account of unauthorized absence from duty

  36. Notification for enhancement of sum assured in respect of group term insurance scheme and coverage for five years after retirement

  37. Notification for phone calls from official landline phone to mobile phone dated 13-02-2008

  38. Notification for waiving of recovery on account of wrong drawal of higher scale as well as special increment dated 13-07-2012

  39. Notification for grant of medical allowance to civil pensioners of the punjab dated 15.07.10

  40. Notification for the admissibility of science allowance during study leave

  41. Notification for grant of science allowance to headmasters

  42. Notification for empowerment of heads dated 14-04-2009

  43. Notification for granting authority for leaves

  44. Notification for grant of upgradation of est post in punjab dated 16-09-2009

  45. Notification for four month salary to the family of civil servant who dies during service dated 01-07-2002

  46. Notification for amendments regarding benevolent fund grants dated 07-06-2002

  47. Amendments regarding benevolent fund dated 13-11-2011

  48. Clarification of Phd allowance dated 01-10-2013

  49. Inter scheme of study for BISE Sargodha

  50. Matric scheme of study for BISE Sargodha

  51. Notification of leave encashment punjab 2013

  52. Notification for Age Relexation 2012

  53. Notification of S&GAD for regularization of contractees bps 1-15 dated 19-08-2013

  54. Notification of S&GAD for regularization of contractees bps 16-above dated 20-08-2013

  55. Revised notification Ph.d and M.Phil allowance for school side teachers with clarification of finance department

  56. Notification of ammendments regarding the rules of income tax by ministry of finance pakistan

  57. Notification of teaching of computer at elementary level

  58. Notification of merging of two schools functioning in the same premesis dated 05-01-2010

  59. Notification for job description of DTE and for english medium

  60. Notification for empowerment of heads dated 05-01-2010

  61. Notification for federal employees for premature increment on upgradation dated 31-05-2013

  62. Notification for GPF profit rate

  63. Adhoc Relief 2013 Punjab

  64. Enrollement emergency compaign 2013

  65. Grant Of Adhoc Relief Allowance 2013

  66. Teaching of Arabic language in schools dated 23-08-2011


  68. lifting of ban 2013 notification

  69. Deduction of house rent allowance of only one spouse

  70. Merging of Personal Allowance into Basic Pay

  71. Transfer policy 2013

  72. notification of 2days in a week punjab 2013

  73. guidlines for seniority of ssmt

  74. Notification of SGAD Dated 24-05-2010

  75. grade8_result_2013_ghazet_khushab

  76. grade5_result_2013_ghazat_khushab

  77. Orders of Supreme Court for regularization dated 05-10-2009

  78. Notification for restoration of pension

  79. Pay Revision History 1983 to 2011

  80. Pay protection of Head nurses or charge nurses

  81. fee concession for sons-daughters of employees from bs-1 to bs-16 – 2011

  82. recruitment against in-service quota dated 06 may 2011

  83. Notification M.Phill and Phd allowance for School side

  84. Regular notification of bps 16 and above for autonomous bodies

  85. Notification of Anomalies 2011

  86. Priorities and procedures for provision of teaching staffin the newly upgraded H.Sec schools

  87. Promotion of sst to headmaster dated 23-02-2013

  88. Guidlines for trip and tour programme of students

  89. Regular Notification Govt. of Punjab 2013

  90. Notification Of AGPR

  91. Revised sst upward mobility package notification

  92. supreme court order for appointment of judges to check schools

  93. Optimum_utilization_of_i-t_labs_and_it_teacher_not-allowed-other-periods

  94. UPE work not done by sst cs-it on-ctsc-centers

  95. IT-teacher-not-responsible-for-any-loss-in-lab

  96. IT-teacher-and-it-labs-not-used-for-clerical-work-

  97. IT-labs-issue-ban-on-earned-leave-and-quality-education

  98. dastoor ul amal punjab

  99. computer-science-allowance-notification-with-pay-slip

  100. Notification of upgradation of Persoanl staff etc

  101. TA/DA Notification for Punajb

  102. recruitment against in-service quota – 2011

  103. free medical treatment for employees of provincial government – 2011

  104. assistance to employees from benevolent fund – 2011

  105. conversion of urdu medium schools into english medium schools – 2011

  106. empowerment of head teachers – 2011

  107. farogh-e-taleem fund for english medium schools – 2011

  108. fee concession for sons-daughters of employees from bs-1 to bs-16 – 2011

  109. Pension Reforms Notification

  110. medical pdf

  111. Notification for implementation of Supreme court orders for promotion and recruitment

  112. conveyance_punjab

  113. School Management( FTF,School council,etc.) with all amendments

  114. Paternity Leave Notification 2012

  115. Availability of Scales to educators 2007

  116. Availabiity of Scale 2007 TO SSMT/JSMT

  117. Clarification of Qualification Allow. SST

  118. Increase of Science Allowance 2007

  119. Promo Performa 2008 class iv

  120. Promotion Performa 2008

  121. Upward Mobility Package 2007 PST

  122. Upward Mobility Package 2007 SST

  123. Upward Mobility Package English 2007

  124. Upward Mobility Package EST 2007

  125. Punjab-Inspection-Allowance for female AEOs

  126. Conversion of post of educators 2012 phase-I

  127. Notification for pst transfer

  128. Procedure for provision of staff to SNE

  129. Women Package 2012

  130. conversion of posts 2012 phase II

  131. Promotion Bps 16 to Bps 17 male

  132. promotion Bps 16 to 17 female

  133. Regular orders of BPS 18 and above

  134. school merging policy 2012

  135. deputation policy

  136. conveyance_allowance_2012

  137. BS Notification

  138. Code-of-Conduct for monitoting staff

  139. Rationalization of Staff

  140. regular Notification 10-09-2011

  141. Seniority list of teachers & award upward mobility package

  142. Teachers-Performance-Incentive

  143. Punjab notification for Adhoc 2012

  144. Teaching of Holy Quran in Schools

  145. Daily Allowance Notification 2012 Federal Government

  146. Charge Allowance for head teachers

  147. Charge allowance for administrative posts

  148. Leave encashment for federal

  149. Revision of rates of conveyance alllowance federal

  150. Adhoc Allowance 2009 Federal

  151. adhoc_allowance_medical 2010 Federal

  152. adhoc_relief_allowance_2012 Federal

  153. Grant Of Dearness Allow 2005 Fedsral

  154. Grant of increase in pension 2006 Federal

  155. Grant of increase in pension 2007 Federal

  156. Grant of Special allowance for science and technology Federal

  157. Revision of Pay scale 2005 Federal

  158. Revision of Pay scale 2007 Federal

  159. Revision of special pay and allowances 2010 Federal

  160. Revison of pay scales 2011Federal

  161. syllabus For 8th class in punjab

  162. syllabus for 9th class in punjab

  163. syllabus for 10th class in punjab

  164. AG-Punjab-letter for Educators-2011

  165. Empowerment of Heads – 2011

  166. Inclusion of cost of living allowance 7% in the pension

  167. Notification of Personal pay 2010

  168. Phd and MS allowance notification 2011

  169. Procedure for provision of staff to SNE

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16 comments on “Notifications

    DTE (CTSC#1)

  2. AOA mai ESE in 2014 mai select hoa hon mere Qualification, Zoolgy and Chemistry), B.ed hai i m living in Lahore koi btay ga k promotion k lye Lalzmi hai ya nhe or agr mai Study krna chahon to Department mjhy kia relaxation day skta hai

  3. please tell me about science allowance for the IT PS-16 teacher. Can any one send me the payslip with notification for proof at Thanks

  4. A.o.A I need the letter/notification regarding rationalization policy. plz send on my email. it will be a great favor. thanks

  5. Can any headmaster(SST) of govt elementary schools claim conveyance allowance for summer vacation as it is given to high school heads?
    But conveyance allowance of elementary heads is deducted from their pay whereas high school heads avail it. An account officer says ,”yes,he can get conveyance allowance if DY.DEO (E) forwards the said bill”. But it is not practiced in my distt. Is their any notification regarding the said issue?

    garmion ki chution ki pay mein conveyance allowance ki ktoti ho jati hy elementary school k head ki. kia elementary school ka head yeh haq nai lay sakta ya phir dy.deo apny budget ki saving krty hain?

  6. My three children are studying at Asif Public School system in Rawalpindi but I am paying full school Fee of all of them. Is there any notification of Punjab Govt. for Fee concession of bother/sisters studying in the same private school. Sami Ullah Khan

  7. Salam,

    I need Notification No. US Budget 1-8/07 dated 08-05-2007 regarding Computer Allowance Rs. 1500/- to Computer Teachers.

    Plz help me if any body have this notification then please email me at

  8. I need letter /notification about promotion pst to est arabic. can u help me?

  9. Dear i need this letter on urgent basis.. can u please help me
    Letter No. DS (O&M)(S & GAD)5-3/2004/CONTRACT (MF) dated 28-02-2012
    Tahir abbas SST (IT),PWWB,Lahore,

    • Please notify the title of your notification and then record your demand at 03007787004/03016778670

  10. Dear i need the notification No.SO(S.IV) 2-34/2008 dated 24th September that is about upgrade the post of EST(English) from BS-14 to BS-16 SST(Computer)

    • Dear i need the notification No.SO(S.IV) 2-34/2008 dated 24th September 2009 that is about upgrade the post of EST(English) from BS-14 to BS-16 SST(Computer)

      • Dear you may have that notification by visiting this page carefully but if you can’t find then call at 03016778670 for recording your demand.thanks

  11. supremecourt ka ek fasla aya tha ka result ki base par ap kisi teacher ho saza nhn da saktay agar ap ka pas us ki copy ha to please send me this will b a great favour

  12. A-o-A Respected administrator please send me detail about s.s (commerce) promotion. i hold the degree MBA from Virtual University of Pakistan and working as sst.whether im eligible for promotion ss commerce or not

    • Dear for this category only MBE(Master of Business education) is valid not MBA

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